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About Air Conditioning

Types of Air Conditioning

There are many types of Air Conditioning systems for both Domestic and Commercial use dependant of the size of building or property, the functionality in which it will be required for and how you the end user would like the system to operate.

If you are looking to install a new Air conditioning system into your home or work place then please contact Accurate for advice and guidance on the best system for your requirements. To give you a brief summary we have listed below the three main types of Air conditioning systems available.  

Split systems - the split system is the most simplistic of air conditioning systems and are used for small to medium sized buildings. They come in single, twin,triple and quad systems.

Multi-split - this system is mostly used for commercial premises where multiple indoor units can be installed to provide individually controlled cooling or heating functions in different rooms or locations.  

VRF-systems - these are similar to multi-split systems but VRF systems suit larger facilities and carry more options for indoor units as these systems offer simultaneous heating & cooling at any one time. VRF systems are also used on large applications where long pipe-work routes and multiple indoor units are required.

If you would like to find out about how refrigerants are used within an Air Conditioning system then please visit our Refrigerants page for more information.

Whatever type of building or business purpose, Accurate can design, install & maintain the most effective system for you.